Wayne Pelletier
Wayne Pelletier


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Executive Summary

  • I love my career, the people and work fill me with gratitude.
  • I am in constant motion. When I'm not working, I'm making podcasts, music, beer, coffee, food or doing the dishes.
  • I pretty sure the only real reason I know how to do anything is because I've tried it, got it wrong, and tried again.
  • I have a bias towards action and iteration.
  • I shoot side-eye at "Just use best practices."
  • I think users/shoppers/consumers/members/leads are, in fact, people.
  • I believe all purchases are emotional decisions on some level.


my career was built
upon helping big brands with
design solutions


Back in the day, when you purchased that new amazingly high-tech Blackberry smartphone in a Verizon Wireless store, you saw my work scroll across the digital signage. For years, when you opened an email from Verizon, SPANX or The Home Depot, my team did that. Shoppers in Made stores across Europe, Crate & Barrel in Chicago and Timberland stores in New York have interfaced with my work. 

My most significant accomplishment, so far, was building a creative department from the ground up in an established digital agency. It was a new service offering and internal creative support for lead generation. I designed the processes, hired great people, trained media and account teams on the creative process, generated the documentation and established a warm culture based on support, testing, and creativity.

I’ve worn many hats, and sincerely enjoy doing so; I thrive in an environment where the pressure is immense, the timeline is a challenge, the media type is unfamiliar, and the team/client is "concerned."


Here is an interview I did for VoyageATL if I want to learn more.

Email: wayne@waynepelletier.com