The Perfect Cup Of Coffee In 13 Easy Steps

  1. Buy local, recently roasted beans
  2. Boil filtered water
  3. Grind 3 tbsp coarsely
  4. Put ground beans in french press 
  5. Add 2 cups 200º water to ceramic cup to preheat
  6. Add 2 cups 200º water to grounds in French Press
    (Note: if there is no foam your roast is too old. Return to step 1.)
  7. Stir with small fork
  8. Place cover
  9. Steep 4 minutes
  10. Press like the French
  11. Dump water in ceramic cup
  12. Pour coffee into ceramic cup
  13. Enjoy

(Note: there is no mention of adding cream or sugar. Why? Because that would ruin a perfect cup of coffee.)

UPDATE: I've moved on to pour over which is fantastic.