Wayne Pelletier
Wayne Pelletier

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It's an opportunity to influence which of these super-amazing product ideas I create first. Each is an area of expertise with which I have a lot to share and a solid point of view. Click on each to learn more. Feel free to opt in as your vote! It's completely free and would help me out.

Wait What?

Okay, here is some context. I've been curious about a few things for quite some time. What does the entire process of product design look like? What do online marketplaces look like as a creator (creativemarket.com, skill share.com, etc.)? What experience of mine can be made into something that generates passive income? 

They're completely free for those who opt in. All I'm asking for is your email address. After all, I need to know where to send it when ready. I'll also send periodic progress updates, so you know what's up.