Medium: Omni-channel connected store experience
Date: 2016
My Role: Lead creative strategy and execution, set the designer up for success, preserve brand integrity. Design tap-wall (more on that below)
Title: Head of Creative
Employer: Cloudtags

Timberland worked with us to create an omnichannel store experience in their flagship Harald Square store. 

We versioned our retail customer tablet application to fit the Timberland brand standards, designed signage to support the experience, custom NFC  hang-tags, and a tablet-stand with loop video that showed approaching shoppers how to use this new shopping experience. After art directing the designer, I designed the NFC tap wall in parallel. 

Forbes called it "one of the inspiring and innovative retail displays in NYC today."

The Shopify Plus blog listed it fourth among "10 Examples of Outstanding Omni-Channel Brands." (In fact, my team at Cloudtags designed three of the ten examples cited in the piece.)

Here is a Digiday article on this Timberland omni-channel installation.

This video shows the entire flow and experience.


The tap wall was a groundbreaking way to allow shoppers to explore online only SKU's. Using simple prints made is easy for the staff to have creative control of the content for outfit ideas or seasonality. 

Below is a photo of the area where we would install the tap wall (left) and what I produced to share the general idea of our concept (right).


We created two separate app experiences for Timberland. The first, shown below, is the customer tablet experience. As illustrated in the video above, shoppers could produce a list of items in the store by tapping the back of the tablet to NFC hang-tags or interact with the online SKU's via the tap wall. The app would generate custom recommendations complimentary to those added to their wishlist. 


Timberland had already furnished their staff with iPads. We created an app experience for those devices specifically to help staff assist in wishlist curation. As you can see below, it was feature rich, Send to Checkout, Performace reports and controls for the future digital touch-wall. (Examples of that are coming soon!)


If shoppers decide to not checkout during the visit they had the option of saving their list via email. It may not seem like much, but it's a big win. Among the brands that engaged with Cloudtags, 83% of the shoppers on their floors were previously known to the brands.  

The email we sent was dead simple consisting of only their wishlist and a few recommended pairings.


Finally, this gallery of images should provide more details on the design of the signage, NFC tags, and tap wall.