Mobile & Desktop App Design

Wayne is insightful, introspective, approachable, and a tenacious advocate of our organizations core principles
— Former Colleague

At CloudTags, we created an omni-channel platform for brands that shoppers use to research and save items on their personal device while in a physical store. My solution for the UX was to have them simply visit a specific short URL in the browser on their device, touch an item of interest on a wall screen, then touch the page already loaded on their device. Here is a video of it live in a store in London.


Retail Staff Assisted Curation

Brands have invested in tablet devices for their sales and associate teams. At CloudTags, I designed a simple UI to help these people assist customers as quickly as possible. We bypassed app store walled gardens and the generalist, cumbersome brand websites. In this environment, my goal was to support human-to-human verbal communication and minimize screen-hover.


App Store Product Images

I helped beetold market their app in the Apple and Google Play app stores by creating screen capture product images.

He challenged us visually and also strategically with recommendations and improvements that proved essential to our success on many projects.
— Former Colleague

Verizon Wireless came to Moxie with a challenge.

It costs a lot of money answer customer service phone calls. Thier initial idea to cut costs was to reduce call backs—call it "low hanging fruit." The team and I designed an email application for customer service reps to send follow up emails. We made it easy to assemble an email by selecting from existing content blocks with content relevant to current products, offers and the knowledge base help they exchanged on the call.

Wayne Pelletier