Wayne Pelletier

Wayne Pelletier | CD


Brands are some of our oldest and best friends. They engage us throughout our lives. Through good times and bad, they color our defining moments and deepen relationships.

We all align ourselves with a combination of brands that help form our identity. A brand that resonates with us lives our life with us.

It's my job to help brands extend their voice to make new relationships and go more in-depth with their BFF's. 


I am an experienced designer, storyteller, creative director, and leader. There have been a few extraordinary and meaningful stops along the way that helped form who I am today. It all starting right out of trade school as a draftsman learning the service industry. I've earned two expeditionary awards for combat service abroad in the US Army. Then there was the time I started creating websites for the family business. Then I took and a job as a designer in Atlanta where I expanded those beginnings into a career I love, a family I adore, and a network of people I admire.