The Happenstance

Really, really excited to be selected to play The Happenstance this year. It's a wicked time for a good cause.  This year the proceeds go to the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. The show is December 6 and is—as always—at The Earl . Mark your calendar.

Happenstance takes a bunch of local musicians and drafts them into groups; singer, guitar, bass drums and an other (sax, keyboard, maracas, etc.). The group has 8 or so hours to learn a cover song and write enough new material to fill out a 20 minute set (about 3 or 4 original songs).

The results are unpredictable. Having been to this show several years running I can honestly say it's always an excellent time. 

Get some tickets. It's for a good cause and a ton of fun. As an added bonus, the third attendee who whispers "happenstance" in my ear gets a free mouth kiss.

(Note: The photo is my brother, Tim, who was absolutely nailing the solo in Purple Rain.)