My Atlanta Guitar Repair Guy

I am so incredibly proud of my brother, Tim. He's loved guitars since we were kids. From the time he was about ten years old, if we were in the house, there was a guitar around his neck. Since then, not only has he developed into a fantastic guitarist, he has also done all work on them. The dude just loves guitars. Actually, I can't recall a time in our adulthood when he his home hasn't had parts, tools and one of his dozen guitars in some state of disassembly.

After helping a few well-connected guitarist friends word spread about the quality of his work. It didn't take much momentum from that point for Tim to confess that the hardware is where his heart is. After years of being an audio engineer for Turner Broadcasting (Studied for that at Berklee, another thing for which I have pride in him.) Tim is making a bold change. 

He's going all in on his dream job: starting and owning TRP guitars. A guitar repair shop here in Atlanta GA. From general maintenance to more significant repairs, rebuilding and extreme customizations can do it all. I believe him. It's a fantastic idea.