Search Discovery Website

Historically, I have rarely shared work done for the company at which I work as it gets churned out. It has mostly been an exercise in putting a few of the best pieces (not under NDA) in a portfolio layout. For a long time, I have wanted to publish more. Just to share and show my work with more frequency. Well, this is the start. 

Here is the current state of the new Search Discovery website. Being that it's a website, it's endless work in progress. Don't be shocked if you visit the site and things have changed. Think of this more like images as a time marker. 

It's a Wordpress site. It had been a long time since I last touched Wordpress. That made this a fun and challenging project. We had two weeks to get this site up—it took three. At the time, my partner in crime was Chief Strategy Officer, Evan Lapointe. He was in charge of content strategy. Most of the people on the executive team contributed to the copy.

Given the time constraints, I went with trusted, expensive, and feature rich, albeit bloated, themes and plugins. None of the design patterns are remarkably unique, but it's clean. It's an entirely new messaging platform for the business. As the universe gives us feedback, it will be refined, which will create endless possibilities to align the design with the messaging. 

Since the time of launch, a few images have been replaced to include the headers. The footer and contact form have evolved a great deal. There is still lots of work to do on the blog and some of the pages that support more thoughtful and fun contingency design.

Here are a few screens:

Wayne Pelletier