Medium: Digital Advertising
Date: 2007 - 2008
My Role: Art Director
Employer: Moxie Interactive

I was hired to lead the design team supporting the ECRM initiative for both Verizon and Verizon Wireless.  A year later I was promoted and appointed to create for national digital campaigns, rich-media ads, phone launches, and screen displays in Verizon Wireless retail locations. I also had the pleasure of supporting the early roll-out of Verizon FiOS. It was an era of growth for display and rich media especially, and my team was pushing those boundaries.

Below are a few campaigns pulled from a list of fifty I had the good fortune to be a part of during my time at Moxie Interactive. 


Verizon Wireless Campaigns

Blackberry Curve Launch

In 2008 Blackberry devices were a significant part of the Verizon Wireless device line up. Several technical and design updates had been made to make them more fashionable. We wanted to focus on accentuating their legacy as premium productivity devices. The game-changing iPhone was exploding on market but remained a long way from being considered a professional mobile solution.

My team produced rich media and standard display creative for a dozen similar Blackberry campaigns. Each campaign ran for two to three months. With almost 100 million total impressions we generated one hundred thousand clicks. 


Email Devices Campaign

Data plans were rapidly expanding in 2008 as email access had become a core part of the mobile experience. This was due in part to the tremendous popularity of Blackberry devices among business professionals.  

This campaign targeted small businesses. As you can see, we had a fantastic offer to work with here. My strategy was to waste no time getting to that offer. This animation is only 7 seconds deep even though display ads typically allowed more than twice that length at the time.


Email On-Demand System

As of November 2007, the cost to answer a customer service phone call for Verizon Wireless was about $8. The initial idea to cut costs was to reduce callbacks. The team and I designed a web application for customer service reps around the world to send follow up emails for each call. 

We wanted to use as many existing design patterns as we could from at the time. This UI made it easy to assemble an email by selecting from existing content blocks. The content was relevant to current products, offers and knowledge base help they exchanged during the call. 


Verizon FiOS Campaigns

FiOS New York Launch

This was an extremely exciting time for those of us supporting Verizon at the time and an honor to be part of a launch the size of FiOS in NYC. The most HD channels and multi-room DVR's in 2008? 

I had two thoughts going into the initial concept meeting with the team; this is a big launch so something in the design needs to reflect that (like over-the-top headline point size) and find a way to leverage the  I ❤️ NY, NYPD, or FDNY patterns. 

The rich media display ads were seen by millions of New Yorkers and clicked by more than a hundred thousand of them. I am especially fond of the Phase 2 ad. 

Landing Page


FiOS All on One Bill

The team and I actually struggled out of the gate on this one. Verizon was way ahead of the industry combining TV/internet, and cellphone to one bill. Combining multiple things together as one just has too many good metaphors to choose from. The real challenge was getting this idea across in rich media ads that only play for a few seconds (if they are even watched that long). 

I directed the team to create ads for each product and combine the ads into one ad with animation. It was a few years ago but as I recall, they were not initially keen on the idea. It was well executed and the ads came together well. These ads had tens of millions of exposures for the brand.


FiOS Triple Play: "Summer Movie Pass"

Triple Play is a long-standing Verizon product bundle. We thought that including a 90-day free trial of Movie Pass was a great content opportunity.  Many versions of this creative were published leveraging licenses for popular movies like Rocky Balboa among others. That's a lot of moving parts behind the scenes and I feel fortunate to have been part of such an amazing team and project. 

Landing Page

Wayne Pelletier