Digital Display Design

I have designed/art directed hundreds of digital display ad campaigns for many of the world biggest brands.

Display ads have a unique challenge in that there is precious little space. It requires concise messaging and a clear call to action. They are more dynamic these days — used mostly for retargeting — but they remain a crucial aspect of most multi-channel digital campaigns.


At Response Mine Interactive I had the pleasure of rolling up my sleeves a bit. I designed the Peer1, Rooms To Go and Staples ads below. The Storage Post and Teavana ads word designed by the team with me mostly just enforcing standard of each brand and making sure we made good layout and photo choices.


Moxie Interactive provided an entirely different challenge. As an art director, I had to you follow a strict brand standard fresh and fun. Most of the ads the team produced were in Adobe Flash with expanding panels, so the technical level was reasonably high. Flash doesn't render consistently in modern browsers, so these are backup images. 

Wayne has the great skill of being able to juggle and manage many projects while at the same time being able to give them the careful creative direction.
— Former Colleague

These gif banner ads are from the early days at 360i. I designed these ads though many of the assets were part of a collection of objects the entire team contributed to for each brand.

Wayne Pelletier