Website Design

Wayne was a tremendous partner to have on a design team, not only for his exhaustive knowledge of web-related design and development, but also for his ability to help balance creative requirements with client expectations.
— Former Colleague

Before & After

The client wanted to clean up their homepage and increase the visibility of their evergreen offer of 10% off your first order. My role as creative director was to set the new content strategy, establish guidelines for the new layout and explain the deliverables.

I started by conducting focus group testing to gather data. The designer, Lisa Schrepfer, did a great job of executing. We had very few revisions. Once the update was live, there was a huge lift in time-on-site and first-order sales. 

This is a before (left) and after (right) side-by-side comparison.


The First Website

I got my start working for the family web design business during the latter half of the 1990's. We created dozens of websites back when it was magic. My job was to be a human CMS updating content and graphics upon request. The agency last refreshed its website in late 1997. That was my first opportunity to design and build an entire site on my own, and it's still live today—untouched.  Fair warning, it's rough on the eyes, and damn, displays were small back then! 

Wayne Pelletier